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Cindy explores the innate secret beauty within our human nature by looking, listening, learning....and creating an Artful Life.  A visionary songwriter and musician, she creates and performs live, original music, expressing themes of mindfulness, self-awareness, transformation and compassion.  Her unique, organic style infuses creative acoustic guitar harmonies, fluid grooves, inspired vocal melodies and poetic lyric imagery.  Truly a collaborative artist, she conceives and creates music, as a vehicle for healing, transformation, growth and social change, in a variety of settings, with a range of diverse audiences.   Each song is a magical journey, into the wonders of her world....where the heart and soul speak to the mind.  

In 2014, Cindy established Song Blossom LLC, a music practice to create and promote original music, devoted to developing songwriters, the craft of writing, creating community, and nurturing musical expression.  Cindy received the Glenn Ballard Scholarship from the Berklee College of Music to complete her Master Certification in Songwriting. She participates in the Durango Songwriters Expo, the Nashville Songwriters Association International, and the Arizona Songwriters Annual Gatherings.  Cindy also had the opportunity to create & perform her original music for the C-12 Arts Collective, for the Shemer Center Exhibit w/ Casa of Arizona -The Art & Science of Emotional Intelligence (2015). 

The Arizona Commission on the Arts awarded Cindy a Professional Development Grant in 2016, which allowed her to participate in the “I Create Music” convention presented by the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers.  Cindy is a creator & performing artist for “Musicians On Call”, a national organization that brings the healing power of live music to patients, and their families in a hospital setting.  See her feature interview  here: 
She also contributes her time to Girls Rock-Phoenix, teaching songwriting workshops and coaching bands of developing young female musicians. 

May 2017, Cindy received a work-scholarship to be on staff at the International Women's Summit in Phoenix, Arizona.  She created original work in collaboration with Bliss Soul, supporting the “5 Step System for Regaining Composure & Broadcasting a State of Calm in Less than 5 Minutes” for the Women's Empowerment TeleSummit.  She was also a performer and presenter at the ASU TRIO Upward Bound Program ~ Summer 2017 Arts & Culture Symposium. In addition, Cindy plays original music at local events and venues in Arizona, including the SouthWest Behavioral & Health Services Cultural Diversity & Wellness Event, the Listening Room, Arizona State Fair, Pomegranate Café, Blooming Beets Kitchen, Willo Home Tour. 
Cindy holds a Master of Arts, in Humanities from New York University and has a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology.  She has also completed a Specialist Certification in Voice and Musicianship, and Master Certifications in Music Theory, Harmony and Ear Training, and Songwriting, at Berklee College of Music.  She is married, has two daughters, and lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

Photo Gallery
  1. Shemer Center for the Arts ~ 2015
    Shemer Center for the Arts ~ 2015
  2. Willo Home Tour 2016
    Willo Home Tour 2016
  3. Arizona State Fair for Chicks w/Picks- 2016
    Arizona State Fair for Chicks w/Picks- 2016
  4. Blooming Beets Kitchen ~ Live Original Music
    Blooming Beets Kitchen ~ Live Original Music
  5. The Listening Room Phoenix - 2017
    The Listening Room Phoenix - 2017
  6. Mother's Day 2017 ~ Music & Mimosas
    Mother's Day 2017 ~ Music & Mimosas

Events / Shows

April 11, 2018~ Songwriter Showcase at Pho Cao  
7-9pm ~ 7436 East McDowell, Scottsdale AZ 

February 11, 2018~ Willo Historic Home Tour 
1-3pm ~ Willo Historic District Phoenix, AZ 

January 27, 2018~ Arizona Songwriters Assoc. 
 Glendale Public Library Lobby ~ Glendale, AZ

December 2, 2017 ~ MOC ~ Holiday Concert 
 V.A. Community Center ~ Phoenix

November 30, 2017 ~ Musician On Call 
 V.A. Community Center ~ Phoenix

October 28, 2017 ~ SWB&H  - Phoenix
Cultural Diversity & Wellness Event

October 26, 2017 ~ Musician On Call 
 V.A. Community Center ~ Phoenix

October 12, 2017 ~ ShakeDown Showcase 
 7pm~ THE LISTENING ROOM ~ Phoenix

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